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dog training

Nowadays, when we are living the new normal process, the burden of dog parents is a little heavier. We need to make extra efforts for the health and hygiene of our dogs. At this point, obeying our commands on the street will take them a little away from danger. Especially in order not to get stressed, dogs, which are our pet friends, need to be trained for mutual tranquility. We can list the issues that are important in dog training and dog training methods as follows…

First of all, the character of our pet friends, the characteristics of the breed should be well known. Pet parents need to be persistent and determined. Our pet friends should not be overwhelmed, do not expect an immediate result, that is, be patient, do not try to train every moment, work should be done when the dog is happy. Apart from these, an important aspect is that the dog training is given by a single person. Herd consciousness occurs in dogs, as in some other animals. There is a leader in every herd. Pet owners need to be the leader of our pet friends in this case.

How to Train a Dog, What Are the Prominent Methods?

In order for us to live together smoothly with our pet friends, we need to learn how to do what to do with them and train them by paying attention to Decency training methods.

● Meal Times are a Way to Approach Our Pet Friends

Pour a small amount of food into your dog’s container and walk away. When the food is finished, come closer again and add a little more. These practices will make your dog look forward to your approach with excitement.

● Increase His Cheerfulness

If, when you approach, he wags his tail, it means that he has begun to love you and is happy. Sit close so that he lets her get close to him while he eats his food, and reward him as he eats his food. In dog training, repeat this several times during meals.

● Obedience Trainings: Sit Down

The sit command, which is among the dog training methods, is the easiest command to learn Decently. The method of this will be to extend the ‘sit’ command when we understand that they will come to us and sit down. And if they sit down later, we have to give a reward. This does not necessarily have to be a material thing. If we like them if they sit down after each such command, they will do it automatically.

● Yacht

If our friend is in the dog training position, he will need something that will interest him (food, a stick, a small ball, etc.) we show him. Then we bring it closer to the face from the front. After concentrating attention on the object in our hands, we lower it down. Finally, when we pull the object that he is following carefully towards us, our dog will move to a lying position.

● Bring It

As a rule, our dog friends bring back to us the objects we throw. However, if they cannot do this, a method such as this can be followed. Let’s send him off without letting go of his leash by throwing a small stick at a short distance. When we find the stick and catch it, let’s pull it slowly to ourselves by saying “well done”. If we take the stick and give him a nice reward, he’ll learn about it and start doing it willingly.

● Walking on a Leash

This training is also not very difficult to give. In order for us to take fun walks with our pet friends, we should make them feel and teach them that we are in control. For this reason, we have to wait by making sudden stops and commanding “no” before they get in front of us and give us a chance to walk around. In this way we will understand after several attempts that we can not go anywhere unintentionally.

What Should You Do For Dog Toilet Training?

Toilet training is one of the most important issues in dog training. We need to teach our pet friends, dogs, who need to get used to social life with us, where and how they should go to the toilet.

First of all, we have to make a decision here. Do you want your dog to use a toilet pad inside the house or do his toilet outside. More often, the first chic is preferred for small dogs. But toilet training is essential for both of them!

● Toilet Training At Home

The biggest problem that needs to be solved as soon as you decide to live with our pet friends dogs is the toilet. Because when the dogs need it, they do it when they need it. If our pet friends make their toilet in a corner of the house, they will meet their next need there and this will cause the house to become uninhabitable. To solve this, we need to choose a place in the dog toilet training and fill it with newspapers. After eating and drinking water, we should keep our dog near these designated points. Since we know that there are beings who meet their needs about 1 hour after the eating and drinking process, you can act in the light of this information.

● Out-of-Home Toilet Training

Toilet training is easier outside the home. If you reward your dog when he does his toilet outside, he will learn very easily and quickly.

Good adoptions with the awareness that dog training should be handled with patience and that they will never infect us with diseases in the new normal process…

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