Golden Retriever Training and Characteristics

golden retriever

The Golden Retriever breed, which is the most well-known and famous dog breed in the world, has been produced to help in the hunting environment. The Golden breed, which appeared in the UK for the first time historically, is in the category of medium-sized dogs. Dogs of this breed, known for their warmth and affectionate approach to people, have a rather beautiful appearance. The Golden Retriever breed is used by many countries in different positions as working dogs. With its good olfactory Decency, it is still being bred as a Search and Rescue and Police Dog.

Caring for a Golden Retriever

An energetic and loving dog breed, the Golden Retriever breed is easier to care for than other types of dogs. It is easier to get along with and adapt to people who are adopted from childhood. For people who will feed a pet for the first time, it can be called the most successful choice. Goldens are a breed of dog that can be fed in many places, such as at home or in the garden. In general, the reason for feeding in the home environment is that it is docile and human-friendly.

Since it has an energetic nature, it needs to be constantly combed.
It is enough to brush the teeth once a week to prevent tooth structures and bad breath.
It is preferable to get professional support for feeding or feeding.
It should not be washed unnecessarily constantly.
Although it is an animal that loves water, it is a dog breed that can easily get sick.

Characteristics of the Golden Retriever

The Golden breed, which is very fond of water and children, is a very understandable type of dog. Golden breed is constantly used from time to time to give morale and motivation to severely bedridden patients. She continues to attract the attention of most people with her positive energy and gorgeous appearance.

It is one of the rare dog breeds that can fully live the bonds between its owner and Dec. Because he has an emotional character, he may experience resentment and psychological problems in his lack of interest, just like the same people.

It is included in the category of medium-sized dogs.
In general, they are seen in cream, brown and white colors.
Their average life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years. Dec.
Dogs are suitable for the home environment.
They have long and straight feathers.
Their weight Decays between 25 and 35 kilos.

Puppy Golden Retriever Training

The period when the training programs of dogs begin is the puppy period. They can apply what they learn during these periods by not forgetting throughout their lives. Golden Retriever Puppy Training lasts about 1 month. This training teaches the unnecessary barking, gnawing, attacking that your dog has experienced and the responsibilities that it must fulfill. Puppy training can be given from the age of 2 months for the golden breed.

The earlier the application for training is made, the more efficient and long-lasting it will be. The Golden breed is a dog breed that is prone to training and easy to understand. It can reveal a proper character by giving successful results to educational programs.

Toilet Training of Golden Retrievers

One of the biggest problems of dog species that are fed in the home environment and in the garden is that they do not make the need for a toilet untimely and in place. In order for a dog to acquire this habit, his November muscles and character must allow.

Golden Retriever dogs need to be 3 months old to get this habit and training. This training gives your dog the habit of eliminating the need for dog toilet paper, which we call Pet in the section reserved for him in the home environment. In this way, both your dog is healthier and your home can maintain its hygiene. If you are constantly taking your dog out for toilet needs and if it is the place where it stays even though you have taken it out, Toilet Training is provided outside. This training, on the other hand, teaches your dog to keep his toilet and not to do it instead. After the training programs, your dog will not go out 3-4 times a day and make his toilet in the environment he is in.

Basic Obedience Training of Golden Retrievers

The most preferred type of training for dogs of this breed today is Basic Obedience Training. Golden breed dogs must be 3 months old to receive this training. Basic Obedience Training helps your dog to walk without tugging you with the referral strap on your left side in your daily life. This creates a successful character and a healthy relationship environment for your dog.

Basic Obedience Training includes many commands such as Sit, Lie Down, Wait, Come, No, Follow. Your dog can learn these commands and apply them in your daily life. For the Golden Retriever breed, this training lasts approximately 30 days. At the end of this process, you will be able to continue a beautiful and successful life.

Golden Retriever Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced Obedience Training, which is generally preferred for work dogs and Sports dogs, lasts 30 days for Golden breed dogs. This training helps your dog to walk by making eye contact without a referral strap (leash) on your left side. In order for the Golden breed, which is prone to training, to receive Advanced Obedience Training, it is necessary to have received Basic Obedience Training first. Because this training is the next process of basic obedience.

In Advanced Obedience Training, he will be able to apply many commands such as Sit-Wait, Lie-Wait, Follow, No, without a dispatch belt. It is enough for a Golden Retriever dog who wants to receive this training to be 4 months old. The training that Search and Rescue, Police Dog, Work Dogs have received increases the skills of your dog and his Decency towards you.

Golden Retriever Socialization Training

With its energetic structure, the Golden Retriever breed, which attracts attention in every environment, may experience some problems from time to time. Socializing for dogs is not only to make them love themselves and behave positively towards people. It consists of fear control, stress problem, unnecessary barking, psychological problems, negative reactions to the external environment and external sound.

You can prevent all of these problems by having your dog receive Socialization Training. This training for Golden breed dogs is given approximately from the age of 3 months. After approximately 30 days of training programs, you can continue your life comfortably by creating a regular character structure.

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